Towing Vehicle Tips
Towing Procedure

Towing the car
Only in position "N". The car must not be towed at speeds in excess of 50 km/h. If the distance over which the car is towed is greater than 120 km, and also after a moderate or severe accident, the car should only be towed with the rear axle raised or the propeller shaft disconnected. The best solution is to transport the car on a car-carrying truck (flat bed).

Emergency start of engine (tow-starting) Special instructions regarding tow-starting particular models are given in the respective Owners Manual. Basic instructions are given below as an example:

Selector in position "N", key in position "2" in the steering lock, then tow-start car. Maintain a speed of 30 km/h (If transmission very cold) or up to 50 km/h (if transmission warm) for approx. 1 minute to enable an adequate oil pressure to build up in the transmission.

To start the engine, move the selector lever into position "2". Do not depress the accelerator pedal until the engine is turning. After the engine has started, release the accelerator pedal and immediately move the selector lever back into position "N".

If the engine has not started after a few seconds, move the selector lever back again immediately into position "N" otherwise the transmission will be damaged.

To make a further attempt at starting the car, tow the car again for some time with the selector lever in position "N" and repeat attempt at starting. An emergency start of the engine is performed in the same way if the car has rolled down a side verge.


The secondary pump is not operated by the shaft of the centrifugal governor until the car has first of all been stopped. The secondary pump is no longer fitted with effect from 1991 factory production and any Peter Schmid Transmissions units produced as of late 1999, early 2000 production.

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